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Coca-Cola x Peter Alexander
Coca-Cola x Seven7
Peter Alexander x Streets
Volley x Streets
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‘Asembl specializes in extending globally recognized brands by identifying optimal brand fits and strategic partnerships to maximize collaboration outcomes.’

Our focus on ensuring profitable ventures and assisting companies in achieving their goals through innovative approaches. Asembl seek opportunities to expand brand reach, forge impactful partnerships, and create mutually beneficial collaborations that resonate with consumers worldwide.

Client testimonials

“Beanstalk are proud to have partnered with Merchantwise and Asembl for the past 7 years. They are highly motivated, strategic and extremely well connected, resulting in multiple successful products at retail. We are thrilled to have them as part of our network”

Serena Sibbald VP Brand Development

“Asembl brands have a deep understanding of brand building and really capture how to tap into what makes our brands iconic. They are the ideal partner to strategically expand our program both for lifestyle and Food and Beverage opportunities.”

Marta Ballesteror Global Licensing Manager
Perfetti Van Melle

“Asembl built our licensing business from zero & in only a few years have done a phenomenal job of creating paths for our brands to be amplified within consumers’ lives. With strong account management, a deep willingness to understand brands and find the right rays they can come to life outside their home ground, Asembl navigate with professionalism and high energy. We would recommend getting in touch with Asembl to see how they can help you create value for your consumers!”

Annie Lucchitti Marketing Manager
Coca-Cola x Seven7

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